Bjelasica Mountain

     Mountain Bjelasica is mild and gentle, closest to man, because it is characterized by easy mobility and accessibility to the highest mountain peaks, covered with forests, springs and 6 beautiful lakes. Only 10km from Chalet Kolašin starts exploring Montenegro's beauty. One of the largest peaks of Bjelasica, Zekova Glava (2,117 altitude) is 20 km away from Chalet Kolašin, of which 15km is asphalt, and 5km is a macadam which can be reached by car, but it is much better to hike. Bjelasica is a high-mountain massif in the continental, central part of Montenegro, 30km in diameter, surrounded by 5 cities: Andrijevica, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Mojkovac and Kolašin, as well as the rivers Lim and Tara. 
     The Bjelasica Mountain is made of volcanic composition, due to which water remains on its surface, creating streams and rivers, of which the most beautiful is Biogradska River, which enters the pearl of this mountain, Biogradsko Lake. Of all the lakes on Bjelasica, the largest, most famous and most visited is Biogradsko jezero, located in the heart of Biogradska Gora, which is one of the three virgin forests in Europe.
     Between the peaks Zekova Glava and Crna Glava there is a beautiful Pešića lake. To experience this lake, it is necessary to descend down a steep slope, but every step is worth it, because only from its coast you can feel the size of its beauty, which is jealously guarding the forest around it. The lake is at an altitude of 1,820m, it is 290m long and 150m wide.
    The Veliko Ursulovačko Lake is located below the peak Crna Glava (Black Head), which is also the largest mountain peak on the mountain Bjelasica, with an altitude of 2,139m. This lake, with its hidden beauty and beautiful nature, causes everyone who is ready to come to it, because it is precisely one of the hardest accessible lakes in Montenegro, which makes it more attractive. The lake is at 1,895m above sea level, 160m long and 100m wide. The Malo Ursulovačko Lake is located at 1,000m from the Veliko, at an altitude of 1,760m and similar dimensions .
    The Veliko Šiško lake is fed by dissolving snow, rainwater and small tributaries and empties by evaporation. The lake is at an altitude of 1,664m, it is 400m long and 140m wide. At 1,000m from it there is Malo Šiško Lake at an altitude of 1,796m, long 105m and 65m wide.
    If we write anything else about the mountain Bjelasica, you will not believe us. For weeks, mountain lovers tried to explore it, but its beauty and size are such that even months are not enough. Come and feel her power, and maybe you'll discover some of her new part.

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Distance from Chalet Kolašin 10km