Wild Beauty destinations around Chalet Kolašin Montenegro

      When God created Earth in a bag on his back, he had the mountains to spread around the Earth. When he came above us, the sack started to fire, and a large part of the mountains, intended for other areas, fell and so this country was called MONTENEGRO – Crna Gora (mountain). The legend can tell any story, but when this one was created it could not be suspected that except having mountains in the name of our country, we would cherish them in our anthem and in our hearts.
     The Montenegrin mountains are the most beautiful, the most elite and inaccessible part of the Dinaric mountain massif. More than half of Montenegro is covered with mountains that are above 1,000 m above sea level, with 250 peaks higher than 2,000 meters above sea level. Such a large number of mountains and their peaks, jealously guard the Wild Beauty of rivers, lakes, canyons, caves, strange forests and untouched nature, which has not yet been fully explored.
     Kolašin is located in the center of Montenegro, surrounded by Montenegrin mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons, forests, national parks, soothing beauty. Less than 30 kilometers in diameter from Chalet Kolašin are most of the mountain massifs of Montenegro. In less than 90 kilometers in diameter there are the furthest mountain massifs of the central and northern part of Montenegro. For its position and nature, Kolašin has become a starting point for all tourists, adventurers and hikers who go on a tour of wild beauty. If you want to see everything, you need years, and if you want to see the most beautiful, you need weeks…