Mrtvica Canyon

     The Mrtvica Canyon is one of the most beautiful canyons in the Balkans. Well hidden under the Morača mountains and mountain Maganik, it is preserved as a real treasure of untouched nature in wild beauty. Only 30km from the Chalet Kolašin is the village Međuriječje, where the magnificent beauty of the canyon is hidden. The canyon starts at Međuriječje (190m altitude) and after 10 km ends at the village Velje Duboko (880m altitude). In some places, the canyon is about 1,250 meters deep. Its water is completely clean and proper for drinking. In hot summer days the water temperature is between 8 and 10°C.
     On the way to Mrtvica Canyon there is a Danilov Bridge, which is built in 1858 by Danilo Petrović Prince, in the memory of his mother, Krstinja.
     In the canyon there is the Gate of Wishes, in front of which is a table with the inscription: ‘Here the fairy from mountain Maganik fulfills the wishes. In order to achieve the desire it is necessary to throw a stone in this place, with a very strong wish on mind. This wish must be honest and can not be at the expense of someone else, because otherwise you will get an accident back to you.’
     From a large number of springs, the most attractive are the White Nerina, which casts into Mrtvica in the form of a sparkling waterfalls and jets. Usually in the spring, in the days of a sudden inflow of large amounts of water, there is a cracking of the bells of the White Nerina, which is a natural phenomenon when water droplets fill the entire part of the canyon, so it is necessary to wear rain jackets.

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Distance from Chalet Kolašin 30km