Kolašin Ski Zone

Ski zone Kolasin
Ski zone Kolasin

Only 10 kilometers from Chalet Kolašin are two modern Ski resorts.
Both are intensively developing the plan to be linked, in the next two years, to a ski resort that will then have about 62.5 kilometers of ski slopes.
At this moment, both ski sesorts have over 21 kilometers of arranged ski slopes.

Enjoy skiing on our slopes!


Our ski resorts have slopes for beginners, amateurs and professionals.
Slopes are designed so that all members of the family could be active throughout the day.
Who wants to walk around the mountain, there are also organized mountain tours on snowshoes.
Ski resorts offer ski & snowboard school. This year in Kolašin the school of Nordic skiing is starting.
There are also small snowmobiles for children and snowmobiles for adults, so that nobody can be bored.
Slopes are being prepared for skiers, snowboarders and also for Nordic skiing. Freeriders have a huge selection.

     Ski Resort Kolašin 1450 currently has 16,5 km of well-maintained ski slopes, with the new six-seater lift of Viline Vode, two-seaters of the Ćupovi lifts, three ski lifts and a baby ski lift, with a total capacity of 5.500 skiers per hour. 
Ski slopes starting from 1.450 end at 1.973 altitude.


Live streaming is provided by Telenor

     Kolašin 1600 ski resort currently has about 4,5 km of well-maintained ski slopes, which covers the new six-seat Troglava with a total capacity of 2.800 skiers per hour. Six-seat was put into operation in 2018, with the latest equipment.
Ski slopes starting from 1.600 end at 2.070 altitude.


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