Komovi Mountain

I think sometimes I'm on top
Below me, I look at the ambushes, the darkness,
and then I look at the sky,
how I am small even when I am strong

“Pomislim nekad da sam na vrhu,
poda mnom gledam ambise, mrak,
a onda bacim pogled ka nebu,
kako sam mali i kad sam jak”

     Komovi are located between the rivers Lim and Tara and mountains Bjelasica and Prokletije. This mountain, with its three peaks, is a challenge for hikers and nature lovers. About 150 years ago, three tribes that used the pastures of this mountain, agreed to split the mountain and thus gave themselves the names of the peaks: Vasojevićki Kom (2,460m altitude), Kučki Kom (2,487m altitude) and Ljevorečki Kom (2,468m altitude). From these peaks, as in the palm, you can see almost all of Montenegro. The River Opasanica, which spring is from Komovi, together with the River Veruša creates the river Tara – the tear of Europe! 
     Vasojevićki Kom (2,460m) has a medium difficulty track that makes it ideal for all hikers, even children and the elderly, who can climb on it for two and a half hours.
     Kučki Kom (2,487m) is the hardest and the biggest. Climbing and descending to it is quite demanding and you have to be careful. It is recommended that you always go with local guides.
     From Chalet Kolašin, asphalt road is 35km to the Eco catun Štavna, which is at an impressive altitude of 1,700m. With this catun you can park your car and go on a tour of the small Alps, as recently hikers like to call the Komovi massif.

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Distance from Chalet Kolašin 35km