Morača Mountains

     The Morača Mountains are located at the central part of Montenegro. From Chalet Kolašin it is possible to reach to Morača mountains for 20, 30 and 40km. Twenty kilometers away from us is the village Osreci, thirty kilometers away from us there is the village Međuriječje and forty kilometers away from us is the village Dragovića Polje, from where you can reach the Morača Mountains. Due to heavy rainfall over the summer, the mountains are rich in pastures that are maximally utilized.
     These are names and altitudes of the mountain peaks of this mountains, which are more than 2,000m high: Kapa Moračka (2,226m), Zagradac (2,217m), Gornji Sto (2,167 m), Stožac (2,141m), Maganik (2,139m), Štit (2,132m), Veliki Žebalac (2,129m), Lijevno (2,081m), Vojnovac (2,072 m), Tali (2,063m), Lukanje Čelo (2,049m) and Veliki Žurim (2,036m).
     These mountains and landscapes have not yet been explored, and for the past few years, they have been challenging many tourists, adventurers, hikers and nature lovers. Just because only one part of this mass is explored, we advise you to go along with guides from Kolašin who know the parts of this mountain.

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Distance from Chalet Kolašin 20km