Sinjajevina Mountain

     Sinjajevina is a mountain in central part of northern Montenegro. Only 21km away from Chalet Kolašin is the mountain gateway of the Vratlo from where this unparalleled mountain begins with many challenges. From Chalet Kolašin you will go to the Gornje Lipovo asphalt road at a length of 15 km, and from there you will have 6 km of macadam road to Vratlo. The massif is 40km long and 15km wide. The high mountain plain averages 1,600m altitude, with only a few peaks of higher elevation.
     The highest point of Sinjajevina is Torna, which is 2,277m altitude. The highest peaks of Sinjajevina are: Jablanov vrh 2,203m altitude, Torna 2,277m altitude, Gradište 2,214m altitude, Sto 2,172m altitude, Savina greda 2,101m altitude, Veliki Pećarac 2,042m altitude, Veliki Starac 2,022m altitude, Babin vrh 2,013m altitude, Sto 1,959m altitude, Korman 1,923m altitude and Mali Starac 1,921m altitude. There are two lakes in Sinjajevina that are in the process of natural extinction: Zabojsko Lake and Zminičko Lake.
     This mountain, with an average height of 1,600m altitude, connects two mountain centers Kolašin and Žabljak. For several years, the main summer and winter attraction is between Kolašin and Žabljak across the mountain. Experienced local travel agencies and guides, who know each meter of the mountain at all seasons, organize mountain crossings: walking, hiking on snowshoes, Nordic skis, motorcycles, quads, horses, jeeps and snowmobiles.

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Distance from Chalet Kolašin 21km